Whether baguette, ciabatta, pretzel product or confectionery we offer innovative and product-friendly cutting technologies for industrial bakeries. We use both ultrasonic and waterjet processes together with our unique 3D image processing.

Sliced baked goods are indispensable, especially for the convenience and fast food sector. Abendschön slicing systems use rotating ultrasonic knives to ensure an attractive and, above all, yield-free slicing result.

Caustic soda products enjoy unbroken popularity. For 25 years, we have been building leaching systems with widths of up to 4000 mm. From the classic pretzel to the lye croissant, you can lye a wide variety of products with consistently high quality. In addition to lye heating and lye concentration measurement, numerous other features ensure beautiful appearance and consistently good taste.

Robot-assisted pick-and-place applications enable leaner packaging and finishing processes. From inserting into plastic packaging and cardboard boxes to setting patterns, we offer our customers a wide range of application possibilities.

The automation of production steps based on baking trays and oven racks offers enormous savings potential. We have been offering advanced handling systems on an industrial scale since 2006.