Company history

Abendschön Maschinenbau GmbH has existed in its present form since 2006. Since then, we have been designing and building automated systems for industrial bakeries with the help of robotic technology.

The current CEO and majority shareholder, Harald Abendschön, held the same position in the previous company from 1998.

The company headquarters and production site has been located in Ötigheim since 01 August 2022.

The founding location was previously in Muggensturm in southwest Germany.

While the focus was on robotic systems for the automatization of manual work steps such as “tray handling” during the company’s first few years of operation, the first robot scarification unit was manufactured in 2007.

The changeover from 2D to 3D image processing took place in 2007 as well. The software was developed specially for Abendschön Maschinenbau and is unique in the way it operates.

In 2015, a completely new further development in 3D image processing was employed, which now enables us to score products decoratively exactly along their contours.

In autumn 2015, an Abendschön robot scarification system was commissioned on the North American continent for the first time.

Furthermore, the development and manufacture of customer-specific brining systems continue to be an important part of the company’s product portfolio.

Company philosophy

  • We would like to help our customers produce more efficiently and more cost-effectively by using modern automated technology.
  • The quality of our customers’ products is of paramount importance to us. We direct our efforts towards delivering an optimum result for your products.
  • By providing our customers with courses and training from qualified instructors, we aim to help them quickly learn and understand how to use our machines.
  • Our service ensures that high-quality, satisfactory results can also be achieved on our systems in the future.


  • Are you interested in innovative technology, goal-oriented and looking for a fascinating and diverse area of work? If so, then please apply to Abendschön Maschinenbau GmbH. Become a part of the team and work for an innovative and up-and-coming company in the mechanical engineering sector.
  • Abendschön offers you the chance to further your career in the areas of assembly, electronics, programming, service and engineering.
  • Send us an application today. You are also welcome to send us a spontaneous application.
  • We also offer (pre-study) internships.

Our service portfolio

Development and design
In order to fulfill our customers’ needs to the letter, all of Abendschön’s machines are developed by our designers using modern CAD and simulation software.

When choosing our suppliers, we always set great store by optimum delivery performance and reliability so as to deliver our customers the best-possible quality.

All our machines are put together by our installers in our factory to ensure they function smoothly in the future. They are all rigorously tested before delivery.

Our specially trained programmers commission all of Abendschön’s machines and programme the processes which are necessary to make the machines function perfectly in the future.

Installation and commissioning
The installation and commissioning is carried out by Abendschön’s technicians, who are always up to date with the latest developments thanks to intensive training measures.

Service and after-sales
Our service employees, both in the office and out in the field, are on hand to answer all our customers’ questions. Find out more at Service.