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Pretzel Dough Products

Benefit from our many years of experience in developing brining machines. In addition, our innovative scarification technology allows you to score your products attractively. Both a straight, single incision as well as a curved “Swabian” incision are possible with our equipment.

Bread and Bread Rolls

  • Decorative scoring, quality control and sorting —> optimize your bread and bread roll production with Abendschön machines
  • The production of goods which look “handmade” is also part of our portfolio.
  • Our innovative scarification technology allows optimum implementation of the desired result through the flexible use of ultrasonic and conventional knives.
  • A product change is usually possible on our systems as they offer more than enough space for new recipes.


Abendschön machines can also be used in industrial cake production. Hereby, the equipment can be easily adjusted to the shape and cutting pattern.

Freshly baked cakes and even those with a temperature of up to minus 12°C core temperature can be cut without difficulty here.

Industrial robots which have been able to cut up to 960 cakes per hour in projects realized to date are used.