Our Products

Robot Scarification Units (Machine Type RS)

Our scarification units make it possible for decorative scoring to be added to a wide variety of baked goods.

The number and the type of robots can be adjusted depending on the required hourly performance of the production line as well as the complexity of the scoring.

Thanks to our modern and well-engineered 3D image processing, every single product can be exactly measured and scored; in the process, the position of the product on the transport band or baking tray is irrelevant. A varying shape also presents no challenge at all for our technology.

Ultrasonic scarification equipment is the norm in our company, which ensures consistently high scoring quality.

Besides ultrasonic technology, we also draw on other scarification technologies, such as razor blade and water jet scarification, depending on which technology delivers the best results in the respective application.

Robot Handling Units (Machine Type RH)

Our robot technology enables labor-intensive processes such as handling baking trays and feeding to further production steps to be organized more cost-effectively and efficiently.

Hereby, the applications are almost limitless due to the enormous flexibility of the robots.

Since 2006, we have focused intensively on the automation of handling processes and possess the necessary know-how to redesign manual processes with a high human workload to make them more cost-effective.

We would be pleased to advise you on how to increase the efficiency of your production.

Brining Machines (Machine Type AB)

As in the case of all Abendschön’s machines, our brining units are customized exactly to the needs of our customers. We also specialize in brining units for production lines of up to 3000 mm in width.

When designing our brining technology, we place particular importance on aesthetically appealing and homogeneous application of the brine.

Abendschön’s brining machines are distinguished by their outstanding robustness and high level of process safety.

Automatic additional brine dosage as well as brine heating are standard features of Abendschön’s brining machines.

Combined Systems

Upon request, we also offer all Abendschön machine types in combinations.

In this way, the processes of brining, scoring, tray and product handling as well as quality control can be covered in one complete system.

Special Solutions

More often than not, certain production processes require a particular non-standard mechanical solution which is not available on the market. We have distinguished ourselves time and again over the years with “special solutions” for our customers.

We would be pleased to advise you on and show you potential optimizations for your production processes.

Our special solutions also include implementation of our systems into already existing production lines.

Quality Control (Machine Type QS)

In order to fulfill the increasing quality pressure, the Abendschön quality control systems enable our customers to precisely reject those products which do not satisfy their quality requirements.

As in the case of our other machine types, the Abendschön quality control equipment can be used together or in combination with our other machine types.